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Learn about our Online Javanese Dance Classes

Online Javanese Dance Classes

with Danang Pamungkas and Dewi Galuh Sintosari

Every Thursday, starting May 21st 7:30pm est on Zoom, or purchase previous sessions to access our other lesson materials and recordings! Sign up below to get the links!

We are pleased to invite you to join Nusantara Arts in our weekly online classical Javanese dance classes. Javanese dance is an incredibly beautiful art form. It’s deliberate and refined, with slow speed and graceful postures. Javanese dance has meditative qualities, with dancers displaying their finesse and serenity. There are many different styles of dance, some originating from the palaces, and some from the villages. Much of the dance tradition is influenced by the historical Javanese Hindu-Buddhist cultural traditions.

These online classes are aimed at the beginner to intermediate level dancer and will cover all the basics of Javanese dance. Our teachers are experts in the field and highly sought after for their skills. Due to Covid, all performances and classes in Java have been canceled, giving us this unique opportunity to learn from some of the best practitioners of Javanese arts. There is a live component to each class, as well as recorded materials students have access to throughout the week in order to practice.

Session One Dance: Tari Golek Sukaretno – Geared towards beginners, teaching many of the basic movements of Javanese dance.

Session Two Dance: Menak Koncar – Geared towards beginner Dancers, this dance session builds on the skills learned in Session 1

Our Teachers:

Danang Pamungkas

Born in Solo, Central Java, Danang is the lead dancer at the Istana Mangkunegaran palace, known for its commitment to excellence in Javanese arts. Danang formally began his studies at SMKI the acclaimed high school for traditional art in Surakarta. He then graduated from ISI, the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Surakarta. He is the resident choreographer of the Maya Theatre Company of Singapore, and choreographed Garin Nugroho’s art film Satan Jawa. He has collaborated with Su Wenchi of Taipei Taiwan, Anikaya Dance Theatre Boston, Opera Australia, and Cornell University.

Dewi Galuh Sintosari

Galuh was born in Solo, Central Java and went to Tamkang University in Taipei Taiwan to study Chinese language. Starting in 1999 she started studying dance at the Istana Mangkunegaran palace and became a principal dancer there. She founded the Dan’s Dance Studio Indonesia. Galuh had performed internationally in London, Taipei, and Paris and led masters cultural workshops regarding indoensian culture in Taiwan from 2009-2010 and in 2019.


Classes are once a week, building skills with each lesson. They are $10/each and billed in 5 week sessions. Access to the materials will be restricted to those who have paid for the classes at this time, so sign up now and reserve your spot! Lessons will be recorded, to be used by anyone in the class to practice anytime. If you want to take the class but have a financial hardship, let us know so we can make arrangements.