Nusantara Arts Launches the Bronze Campaign!

Click to Help Bring a Bronze Gamelan, and 180 Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppets to Buffalo

Gamelan music from the island of Java in Indonesia is one of the oldest continuously played musical art forms in the world. Our Mission at Nusantara Arts is “To invite our community to an expansive experience in music and art, sparking dialogue about inclusion and cooperation.”

We believe in the power of music and community to change lives and create a beautiful world. The Gamelan music of Indonesia and associated cultural arts are ethereal as well as approachable. We are proud to call Buffalo our home base, and we love our worldwide gamelan community and all it has to offer.

Bronze Campaign – Gamelan Performance “Percobaan”

Nusantara Arts is buying a Bronze Gamelan and 191 wayang shadow puppets to bring to Buffalo from Indonesia. Part of that process is the “percobaan”, an event where the gamelan is tested out by professional musicians to see if it needs any last adjustments in tuning or repair before being deemed ready to ship.

Our percobaan was live-streamed from Java, providing us with a wonderful preview of these instruments so we can hear them and see them in action. The instruments were tested for both loud and soft style pieces, and they simply sound incredible.