Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet Show Sun 4/23!

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Upcoming Performance!

Nusantara Arts at the Buffalo AKG Art Museum!
Friday June 23rd 2 5:30PM
Saturday June 24th @ 2PM

Join Nusantara Arts for Wayang Puppetry dance and gamelan music featuring puppet master Midiyanto. This special program funded by the National Endowment of the Arts and the Buffalo AKG Art Museum is entertainment that also teaches our audience about the wayang puppetry artform, the ancient characters, and makes for a fun filled activity for all ages! Puppet making materials are available for kids and crafters. Leave your traditional idea of what a theater or musical performance experience is and get lost in the magic of wayang kulit from Indonesia.

Featuring two differen’t stories: “Rajamala and the lake of Watari” on Friday and
“Prabu Boko: Terror of Ekacakra” on Saturday

Nusantara Arts will be performing in the Town Square of the Buffalo AKG Art Museum


Nusantara Arts Receives a Balinese Gamelan and Launches classes!

Balinese music classes launch on Sundays in December! Click here to find out more and register for class!

Nusantara Arts 2023-2025 Strategic Plan

Over the last year Nusantara Arts Board of Directors, students, musicians audience members, and other stakeholders have participated in a enlightening and enriching process to make a 3 year Strategic Plan for the future development and planned sustainability of our beloved organization. We are so happy to present this plan because it signals the start of a new and exciting time in the development of our new organization into a sustainable and long lasting Buffalo based cultural organization. We are excited to share our progress on this plan as we move forward, expanding our programming and making an even bigger positive impact on our community. Take a read!

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Special Nusantara Arts Sponsored Mask Dance and Wayang Golek Cepak Presentation from Sanggar Seni Jaka Baru: