Balinese Gamelan Comes to Buffalo!

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Nusantara Arts Virtual Concert is here! Featuring A compilation of pieces performed in December 2021 at our Bronze gamelan Selamatan Performance, and and our April 2022 Klenengan performance.

Exceptionally unique in this concert is the inclusion of many new pieces, commissioned by Nusantara Arts and played in the US for the first time. Due to the 360 video the Concert is best viewed at the highest quality /resolution Video is Virtual and features a 3D 360 degree viewing experience. Scroll around with your cursors or fingers to see the entire view!


Nusantara Arts Receives a Balinese Gamelan and Launches classes!

Balinese music classes launch on Sundays in December! Click here to find out more and register for class!

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Special Nusantara Arts Sponsored Mask Dance and Wayang Golek Cepak Presentation from Sanggar Seni Jaka Baru: