Beginner Balinese Dance Classes are Here!

6 week Beginner Balinese Dance class starting Sept. 26th!


“To invite our community to an expansive experience in music and art, sparking dialogue about inclusion and cooperation.”

Gamelan music from the island of Java in Indonesia is one of the oldest continuously played musical art forms in the world. It grew out of the bronze age and has remained popular as both a community and royal tradition on the island of Java for the last 1800 years. Gamelan music is a community art that can work only with cooperation, listening, empathy, and learning. It teaches patience, listening skills, and music philosophy, challenging players to change their perspectives on what music can be. In gamelan we create beautiful music together, with each player adding pieces to the whole.  In Buffalo we have created this new community and are watching it flourish.

Nusantara is an old Javanese word that refers to the vast archipelago that is now called Indonesia. We see Buffalo as our own archipelago of different cultures and art.  An archipelago we should not be afraid to navigate and visit! Nusantara Arts recognizes and embraces that diversity. The beautifully different ways of being we have here makes our whole culture stronger

Core Values

Inclusivity: We acknowledge that there is a place in music for people of all races, languages, genders, countries of origin, ages, etc. Music is for everyone, and we grow through working together.

Refinement: We believe in growing as musicians, as individuals, and as a team. We dive into challenges  so that we can progress.

Cooperation: As musicians, we work together to create something incredible, and this work takes patience, communication, hard work, and generosity.

Community: We understand that music is meant to be heard, and we want to share our music broadly by making performances accessible.

Experience: We believe that music is a living thing, connected to culture and people, and that experiencing music is the best way to get to know it.

Preservation: As purveyors of high art we recognize the sources of our inspiration, strive to stay authentic to them, and encourage their global perseverance.