Nusantara Arts Launches the Bronze Campaign!

Click to Help Bring a Bronze Gamelan, and 180 Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppets to Buffalo

Board of Directors

James Abramson – President – Datadog Inc. (NYC)

Daniel Lesniak – Secretary

Kelly Miller-Schreiner – Treasurer – The WilIiams Law Firm

Riesa Avanti – Director – Aladdin Cleaners 

Novi Paluch – Director – Sasmita Batik Indonesia 

Terry Mickelson – Director – Allen Street Consulting

Robin Parkinson – Director – Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra 

Andres Garcia Molina – Director – Ethnomusicologist – Columbia University 

Mateo Taussig-Rubbo – Director – Professor University of Buffalo School of Law 

Tiffany Nicely – Director – Ethnomusicologist Buffalo State University

Nusantara Arts Strategic Planning Session with City of Light Consulting