Balinese Gamelan Comes to Buffalo!

Classes Run November 27th - March! Click here to Register!

Balinese gamelan classes

Balinese gamelan has come to Buffalo!

Classes begin November 27th and will be Every Sunday from 3-5pm. Register for class anytime between now and January to join the ongoing class though March!

Weekly classes Sunday from 3pm-5pm

Once Per month we will be visited by our guest teacher Gusti Komin for extra rehearsals

December additional classes: Friday evening December 16th and Saturday December 17th (January-March additional dates/times tbd)

Class Fees:
Class Fees are sliding scale to ensure people with any economic status may participate. “Sessions” are usually 3 months long The first Session of Balinese gamelan has a Bonus “free” month in December. You may pay for all sessions up front or monthly.

Nusantara Arts Winter Balinese Community Gamelan Session inaugural class: Join Buffalo’s very first Balinese gamelan class. We are proud and excited to bring this unparalleled artform to our community. The session runs from December through March. We will discus and practice basic to intermediate Balinese gamelan percussion music skills and methods in an inclusive and fun environment!

The sessions are led in a Balinese community oriented style. We will focus on playing a variety of Balinese gamelan Instruments, including learning fun”kotekan” interlocking playing techniques.


Gusti Komin: Gusti Komin, one of the finest Balinese musicians and teachers of his generation will be visiting Buffalo as our classes guest artistic director with funding from the Cullen Foundation. Originally from the village of Pengosekan, Bali, Komin Spends academic semesters in the US teaching at MIT, Bucknell, and with several community groups. Komin will visit Buffalo once per month for rehearsals on Friday Evenings & Saturday mornings.

Alan Leech: Dr. Alan Leech will be helping lead our regular Sunday rehearsals when Komin is not in town. He taught gamelan angklung at University of Montana for 30 years and recently moved to Buffalo.

Performing – This group will eventually turn into a performing arts group, It will take some time for the local skills and group cohesion to develop, therefore no performances will be scheduled at this time.
For participants age 13 and higher. No experience necessary

7 tone “Semar Peguliangan” style gamelan from Bali are an older “traditional” gamelan ensemble originating in the 1800’s. Unlike Central Java where many types of music are performed on one set of instruments, in Bali you have many different types of ensembles that play specific repertoires. In the Early 20th Century the Semar Pegulingan repertoire and ensemble had disappeared from much of the contemporary Balinese music scene. This ensemble type fell out of favor with the introduction of the “gong kebyar” ensembles. Many Semar pegulingan sets were melted down to create kebyar sets long ago. There is somewhat of an revival of the repertoire in recent times with modern “Smaradana” gamelan sets being built able to play these older songs as well as new Semar Pegulingan sets being built.

It is incredible that Nusantara Arts now has one of these sets of Semar Pegulingan instruments. Because the set also includes a few additional instruments we can play a variety of compositions including very old traditional SP court music, pelegongan dance repertoire from the 1920’s compositions by the famed composer Lotring, as well as more modern experimental work.