Balinese Gamelan Comes to Buffalo!

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Balinese gamelan classes

Balinese gamelan has come to Buffalo!

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Nusantara Arts is incredibly excited to announce the arrival of a set of 7 tone “Semar Pegulingan” style Balinese gamelan. Since we started our program with Nusantara Arts we have always taught and performed Javanese gamelan, now we have the opportunity to expand to the incredible art from the Island of Bali. Balinese gamelan is significantly different from Javanese in theory, performance practice, and musical character. The Island of Bali has a rich cultural tradition distinct from Java including gamelan, wayang, dance, and religious traditions.

7 tone “Semar Peguliangan” style gamelan from Bali are an older “traditional” gamelan ensemble originating in the 1800’s. Unlike Central Java where many types of music are performed on one set of instruments, in Bali you have many different types of ensembles that play specific repertoires. The SP repertoire and ensemble actually had disappeared from much of the contemporary Balinese music scene. This ensemble type fell out of favor in the early 20th century with the introduction of the flashier “gong kebyar” ensembles. Most SP sets were melted down to create kebyar sets long ago. That being said there is somewhat of an revival of the repertoire in recent times with modern “smaradana” gamelan sets able to play these older songs.

It is incredible that Nusantara Arts now has one of these sets of Semar Pegulingan instruments. Because the set also includes a few additional instruments we can play a variety of compositions including very old traditional SP court music, pelegongan dance repertoire from the 1920’s compositions by the famed composer Lotring, as well as more modern experimental work.

Classes coming soon! We must repair the instruments a little bit and get them ready for use. We are registering interest in classes now. Please signup to receive notifications and details about upcoming classes to learn Balinese gamelan in Buffalo.


We are still determining class fee’s for this course. However all Nusantara Arts courses are sliding scale.

Class Schedule:

Class will meet once per week. There will be an extra weekend practice once per month with our visiting master Balinese guest artist.